Sydney → Osaka

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Tari, I'm 25 years old and I moved from Sydney, Australia to Osaka, Japan.

I arrived on a working holiday visa, and began working at a small Osaka-based private English school. While it was a lot of fun teaching a bunch of crazy kids, I found that it wasn't challenging enough. There's something about saying "One starfish, two starfish..." for 4 hours straight that can be absolutely mind-numbingly boring. Not only that, I felt that I had potential to flourish in a career path as an Illustrator and Graphic designer in Japan in ways that wouldn't be possible back home. 

ZenFotomatic's pinup girl I illustrated :) 

After working at the private English school for almost 10 months, a friend pointed out a job opening for a Graphic Designer in Sakai. I was worried at first, but with a bit of a push and a nudge I applied for the job.

Then the following day and within a couple of hours of my interview, I got the job.

The things that I have learnt whilst working at Glams have been priceless. I have learnt to do so many things that I never thought I could ever be able to do, such as business meetings and building websites, as well as mobile applications. And on top of all of this my Japanese, although not to what level I'd like it to be just yet, has improved drastically. I am still learning so many things and I'm very grateful for the opportunity I have been given.

The kind of stuff I will be posting in this blog will include:

- Hidden gems within Kansai, specifically Osaka.

- Tips and tricks on how to help you take great product photos to upload to ZenFotomatic

- Questions about ZenFotomatic and basically anything I post about

- English translations of my fellow teammate's blog posts


Until next time :)


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