Why white backgrounds are best for product photos

The reason why we suggest white backgrounds for product photos is not only due to ZenFotomatic’s processing capabilities, but it’s widely regarded as the best method to present your items for sale.

These are a few points that we believe why white backgrounds are the way to go:

→ The image is focuses on nothing but your product, advertising it without distraction. Confusing your customers = Bad. Focusing them on your amazing products = Good!

→ Compared to product photos with complicated backgrounds, photos with white backgrounds have a higher conversion rate.

→ If a different colour is used on the background, it can reflect onto the product itself and make it appear a colour that it’s not. Which in turn, can create customer complaints.

We have come to this conclusion as we at ZenFotomatic have been processing large volumes of photos for some years now. Glams Co., Ltd. was an e-commerce shop that sold brand goods in Japan before it became a digital solutions company! (We kinda know our stuff.)

Through use of our software by our team and various big clients, we have been able to analyze and verify the effect that white backgrounds have on customers and conversion rates.

Even recently, Amazon has made it compulsory to have white backgrounds on product photos. This was not decided just because someone in the web design department prefered white photos, it’s because they have comprehensive data proving the fact that white backgrounds are essential for selling products online.

With the information stated above, ZenFotomatic is an obvious perfect fit to meet these requirements.

Going back to the three points I mentioned before, if you use a different colour other than white there is a chance that the colour can reflect onto the product. From accessories to underwear, when it comes to products with light colours it’s important that you use a white background.

For example, if you look at the photo below (and you may have seen many like it on the internet before) it’s safe to say that the grey in the centre are different shades of grey, right? Nope. They are the same. This is called the contrast effect

The contrast effect is a phenomenon where people view things differently, typically of greater or lesser differences than what is actually presented before them. This usually happens due to the subject’s prior exposure to something with similar features but different key qualities.

Getting back to the point, it kind of proves the point that if presenting a product in front of a coloured backdrop other than white can cause the shopper to see the colour of your product differently. Colour correction, incorrect results and further troublesome work occurs, which increases cost. Not only in time and money, but the risk of return goods also grows.

While ZenFotomatic is primarily a image cropping/background removal software, processing the image itself is not the only purpose. We want let people know that there is a huge difference in cost when using ZenFotomatic in all areas.

→ You improve the profitability of your business

→ A beautiful white background increases conversion rate

→ Product turnover rate rises

→ Prevents unnecessary discounts and increases profit margin

→ You save a lot of time

In other words, our aim is to help grow your business. This is why we recommend white backgrounds. Following our shooting recommendations for ZenFotomatic will make it easy to capture the best photo, even if you’re not familiar with cameras. Purchasing a small photo setup (backdrop, LED lights, etc mentioned here!) can also be a great investment.

That’s all for now! You’re welcome to email us anytime if you need a hand.

Thank you to Masatsugu, our in-house photographer, for this informative article! You can read the original here. (Japanese only)

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